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We, at GraphTec, invite you to work with us to acquire professional interior signage no matter where you’re located in the United States.  Our facilities are located in Houston, Texas but our services are offered nationwide.

GraphTec is recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of exterior and interior signage. Thus, we aim to provide premium-quality signage and architectural graphics products. We ensure that the design for each of our products is tailor-made for you. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we’ve cultivated our methods of value engineering, project management, and installation.

So, you can expect premium-quality products at an affordable price!

Professional Interior Signage Options

At GraphTec, we understand how crucial professional interior signage is to the interior design of a space. In addition to serving a navigational purpose, it can add your branding and give your interior space experiential personality.

Take a look at the interior signage products we offer. Every product that we make at GraphTec is custom-designed so that your vision can become a reality.

Company Identification Graphics (Illuminated & Non-Illuminated)

When people walk into your company’s office, you’d want them to know where they are right away. With company identification graphics from GraphTec, you can do that with style.

Your company graphic is possibly the first thing that visitors notice about the office’s interior design. So, to help you make a good impression, our team will create a custom-made and expertly-crafted graphic for you.

It’s up to you whether you want your company identification graphics to be illuminated or non-illuminated. If you go with the illuminated option, you can select LED lights from a range of colors. This way, the illumination can perfectly match your company’s color scheme.

Directories (Illuminated & Non-Illuminated & KIOSKS​)

Our directories include non-glare and clear lenses that are durable and look fantastic. You can choose to have your directories either illuminated or non-illuminated.

Our interior directories strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Thus, you can update this signage product with a simple insert instead of replacing the entire directory. From campus maps to wall-mounted directories, we’ve many options from you to choose from.

Our information kiosks are the perfect example of how we incorporate beauty and function in our professional exterior signage products. This intricately-crafted signage option makes your space easily navigable while simultaneously matching and enhancing the aesthetic of it.

Code signs

Code graphics with an image can help people read information faster. So, symbols for fire extinguishers, fire escapes, restrooms, and more can prove useful in times of emergency. Recognizable codes can take your building’s accessibility up a notch!

ADA / Braille signs

As manufactures of professional interior signage products, we believe it’s our duty to keep accessibility at the forefront of our production. Thus, our braille graphics meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. This way, navigation within your office will be much easier for all your visitors.

Employee Identification & TENANT IDENTIFICATION

Our premium-quality employee identification door and desk plates will give your office a whole new level of professionalism and elegance. We’ll ensure that the design and aesthetic of the plates beautifully complement those of the other professional interior signage products you order from us.

We take immense care in establishing consistency and balance in our signage products.

Exquisite tenant identification signage in a business center can help your office stand out from the rest. It can help your visitors immediately associate your office space with professionalism and high stature.

We offer different types of tenant identification signage, including face lit channel letters!

The cut out and metal fabricated letters from GraphTecdisplay an intricate balance between beauty and strength. These bold fabricated letters are engineered to be durable and look as elegant as possible..

You can select various finish options for fabricated aluminum and stainless steel when you work with us.

Directional Sign Systems – Overhead & Wall-Mounted

Directional sign systems are critical for helping people navigate through a building. Whether it’s a corporate building, a hospital or a college campus, our team of experts can create custom-designed directional sign systems that’ll make a new space feel familiar.

If you want to keep your walls clear, our overhead designs are the way to go. If not, then personalize your building walls with our unique navigation solutions.

Desk Bars & Specialty Items

Desk bars and other specialty items are an excellent option for reception desks or if you want to keep your wall spaces clear. These professional interior signage options from GraphTec include engraved letterings that’ll help your workplace exude prestige.

At GraphTec, you can find premium-quality professional exterior signage products to complement your office space. All you have to do is head over to our exterior signage services page. Learn more about our range of exterior signage products, along with details on each right away.

Your reimagined office is only a click away!

Flat Cut-Out Letters

  • The flat cut-out metal letters from GraphTec perfectly showcase a delicate balance between boldness and beauty. They’re sophisticated, stylish, and durable, allowing them to fit in almost any room or outdoor space aptly.
  • We craft both the letters and logos with high-grade metal so that it looks as pristine as the day you got them even after years of decorating your space. Appropriate maintenance of the premium-quality professional graphics will ensure that it won’t require any replacements and repairs at all. You can talk to one of our experts to learn more about how to maintain your signage products.
  • The finish of the letters is critical for establishing the kind of aesthetic you want for your indoor or outdoor space. That is why we offer multiple finish options for the flat cut metal letters in your professional area.
  • We offer a wide range of metals for these types of graphics. That, coupled with various gauges and finishes, means that you have more choices to make your indoor and outdoor areas unique and simultaneously stylish. Some of the metals we craft flat cut-out metal letters with include stainless steel, prime aluminum, brass, bronze and copper.

Dimensional Letters

  • If you choose to work with us, you can find dimensional sign letters for indoor or outdoor use that fit your purpose, style, and budget. Whether you select cut metal, acrylic, or plastic, you can be sure that it’ll look fantastic and stand the test of time.
  • Our team of experts makes sure that your signs do not discolor, chip, or crack.
  • Delivering superior quality signage products is our promise to you!
  • We understand that everyone operates within a limited budget. So, sometimes, it isn’t easy to buy signage products made from the best materials. Well, we, at GraphTec, hear you and therefore, offer interior and exterior signage products that are made from budget-friendly materials but still exude the same level of prestige as our more expensive options.
  • Our experts at GraphTec use precision laser cutting for all dimensional sign letters we create. This way, the craftsmanship for each letter is immaculate. Thus, with your vision and our manufacturing and installation expertise, you can transform your area in no time!

Vinyl Letters

  • With custom vinyl lettering, you can personalize an office space, share an inspirational message for all to read, or advertise a new promotion on your storefront window. We offer vinyl lettering options in all colors, allowing you to match it with your company’s color scheme perfectly.
  • You can also select between a standard cut and a reverse cut. Tell us what your design needs are, and we’ll make it happen.
  • GraphTec is a leading manufacturer of professional signage products. Therefore, you can purchase additional premium-quality interior and exterior signage products for your office space. Visit our exterior signage services page here and interior signage services page here.
  • Your reimagined work is but a click away!

Why Choose GraphTec

At Graphtec, we prioritize efficiency. We know how important it is for you to receive your products on time. Well, keeping that in mind, we ensure that our team of experts uses the latest technology and tools to manufacture and install your signage products.

We, at GraphTec, take installation just as seriously as fabrication. Thus, a dedicated team of professionals will install each product we manufacture with care and expertise.

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